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Merino sheep

Closing the gap: Australian wool growers hear directly from brands and their supply chains that mulesed-free wool is the future

Wool Connect Conference agenda highlights importance of sheep welfare and open discussions on mulesing alternatives. 

Meriono sheep

Global brands sign open letter calling for mulesing-free wool

Open letter to Australian wool industry spearheaded by FOUR PAWS

White and grey fox laying in the snow

Wear it Kind for the New Year

Our 2021 round up of animals in fashion highlights, as well as top 10 #WearItKind holiday gift ideas!

Stella McCartney bag, Paris Fashion Week 2020

Animal Welfare in Fashion Report Names the Best and Worst Brands in 2021

FOUR PAWS reports good progress on animal welfare in fashion, but there is still a long way to go

Woman with sheep

New study: Pandemic leads to increased demand for compassion in fashion

FOUR PAWS reveals that almost 90 per cent of shoppers want fashion industry to prioritise animal welfare

Fox at fur farm

Shop Fur Free!

The Fur Free Retailer Programme

Woman wearing fur trim coat

Think Fur is Green? Think Again!

Elise Burgess · 8.11.2021

Breeding animals for their fur is inefficient and highly energy-consumptive. Claims that fur is sustainable have been regularly debunked.

Fur products in market

Ending fur sales in Australia

Elise Burgess · 8.11.2021

While Australia imports millions of dollars’ worth of fur products each year, there are no federal or state laws to govern the use and sale of fur.


From Rooftops to Retailers

FOUR PAWS, one of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations, began because of fur

Fur products

Real or Faux? Be careful of deceptive fur labels

Elise Burgess · 2.11.2021

FOUR PAWS fur investigations reveal mislabelling and deceitful practices in Australia, with tips on how you can spot the difference.

Girl with a bag

Wear it Kind Christmas Present Ideas

If you’ve decided to Wear it Kind this Christmas, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you!

Woman and Sheep

Good News for Animals in 2020

It’s been a challenging year for all. But as 2020 comes to a close, let’s celebrate the good moments and progress made towards an animal-friendly fashion future!

Clothes Rail

180+ brands in fashion now oppose mulesing

Momentum of brands moving away from mulesed sheep wool is growing

Rescued fox in snow

What’s a Wear it Kind Christmas?

A Wear it Kind Christmas is one which encourages thoughtful acts, and the kind of gifting which protects animals 

Two lambs

Five cool facts about sheep

How much do we really know about sheep and their secret lives?

Fox at furfarm

Ex-CEO of the British Fur Trade Association speaks out against the trade

Find out how fur sales may be on the rise and what you can do help us stop it

Three Australian sheep

Producers say non-mulesing improves sheep welfare in Australia

New economic report highlights financial and sheep welfare success of wool producers who have ended mulesing

Mink at furfarm

Fur dealt double blow

Dutch MPs vote to close fur farms this year while local Sydney council passes motion to end fur sales

FOUR PAWS Report Animal welfare in fashion

World first report finds fashion critically lagging on animal welfare

FOUR PAWS urges brands to step up for all animals in the ‘new normal’

Raccoon dog at fur farm in Finnland

House of Horrors

Ditch Fur for Good!

Minks at fur farm in Germany

An ugly trend fur in UK

Could Fur Be Making a Comeback in the UK?


UK: Are You Ready to #WearitKind?

FOUR PAWS UK is very excited to announce it is joining the global Wear it Kind movement!

Girl with lamb sheep

Five ways to Wear it Kind this Christmas

Make gift-giving fun, fashionable and kinder to animals this festive season

Lamb behind mother sheep

‘Freeze mulesing’ is not the solution to ending mulesing

Millions of lambs are subjected to mulesing each year and shifting towards another form of breech mutilation is not the answer for modern farming

Wear it kind models

Ragtrader reports on wear it kind

Fashion publication Ragtrader covers the launch of Wear it Kind and the current trends influencing Australians

Two lambs

Take Action for Lambs

Petition: Please sign to protect lambs from mulesing

Woman's fashion

Good On You app

Download the Good On You app – to find brands that match your values across animal welfare, Labour and Environmental Protection Issues


The Leather Trade

The true cost to animals and humans

Woman with hat

Video: Why Wear it Kind?

What do Australians think about animal welfare in fashion?


Fur trapping

Each year, millions of wild animals are caught and killed for their fur using wire snares and body gripping, foothold, and leghold traps

Silver fox Jackson

Animal Rescue: Jackson the silver fox

New arrival at TIERART sanctuary


Style and Compassion

Animal protection the new ethical fashion frontier

Silver fox

The future of fashion?

The rise of animal-friendly trends in Australia

Silver fox

Emma Watson supports Australia’s Good On You

Australia’s ethical app Good On You announced their latest supporter


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