Silver fox Jackson

#AnimalRescue: Jackson the silver fox

New arrival at TIERART sanctuary


June 2019: Silver fox, Jackson, was kept by a breeder for years in a tiny tiled room, with another female fox. Sadly, before the animals were to be confiscated by an animal welfare organisation, the female had already died. The breeder filed a lawsuit against the confiscation, and it’s taken a year of fighting for Jackson to ensure he does not return to these unsuitable conditions. 

Finally, in April, Jackson arrived safe and sound to his new home at FOUR PAWS’ TIERART sanctuary. He felt the grass under his paws and open skies above him for the first time in his life! 

Today, he enjoys the company of other rescue foxes Porthos and Sir Henry.

Every year, millions of foxes just like Jackson are abused and killed for their fur. Thankfully, Jackson will never fall victim to such cruelty, and instead live the life of peace and safety he deserves.

Watch the heartwarming video of Jackson’s first steps at our sanctuary!

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Elise Burgess