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FOUR PAWS is committed to working with industry to achieve long-lasting change for animals. We highlight the problems and help to identify solutions, learning together as we goon the path towards a truly responsible and ethical fashion industry which values animal welfare.

Kindness in fashion makes good business sense. Today, fashion not only has to look and feel great, it has to be great.  

Consumers increasingly understand the true cost of products and are choosing to express our values through our purchases. We expect brands to take a stand on the issues that matter to us1 and we are more likely to stop buying products from brands whose practices conflict with our ethics.2 And when it comes to the issues that matter, animal welfare is the biggest concern for ethically conscious consumers.2  

To assist brands, and expediate change for animals, we have collated a range of resources developed or recommended by FOUR PAWS, for companies to use as they transition to becoming part of a kinder fashion future.  

Tools and Reports 

Support for brands and retailers

Animal Welfare Policy Development Guidelines in Textiles

Animal Welfare Policy Development Guidelines in Textiles

For brands choosing to continue using animal-derived materials, FOUR PAWS encourages the swift development or strengthening of existing animal welfare policies. These should include a robust vision, goals, and an implementation plan, all aimed at achieving the highest possible animal welfare standards. The FOUR PAWS policy development guidelines can assist brands in developing these essential animal protection plans and contain guidance per animal-derived material.

World’s first report finds fashion critically lagging on animal welfare

World’s first report finds fashion critically lagging on animal welfare

New research from FOUR PAWS finds the fashion industry comes up short between what is said and what is delivered, with only 21% of brands tracing even a portion of animal-derived materials for animal welfare. It also lists the essential first steps brands need to take, including the development of a comprehensive animal welfare policy.

Transitioning away from mulesed wool. A guide on why and how

Transitioning away from mulesed wool. A guide on why and how

Featuring interviews with brand sustainability managers who have already committed to moving away from mulesing, including fashion powerhouses H&M, Kathmandu and Espirit, the mulesing guidebook presents information for brands on what mulesing is, why it’s happening, what the viable pain-free alternatives to managing flystrike are, an overview of the key wool assurance initiatives and a road-map as to how to transition away from mulesed wool within your supply chains.

'WelFur' - Certified Cruel

'WelFur' - Certified Cruel

Why WelFur fails to stop the suffering of animals on fur farms.

Economic study on transitioning to non-mulesed sheep

Economic study on transitioning to non-mulesed sheep

A new independent survey of 97 woolgrowers across Australia shows producers achieving higher profitability, operational viability, and improvements on animal welfare after their transition to plain-bodied sheep. The report also includes 7 case studies to guide other sheep producers on their transition plan for a future without mulesing.

BRC Veganism in Fashion Voluntary Guideline: To help address and tackle the challenges of creating a vegan line, the British Retail Consortium has worked with its members to create a “Voluntary Guideline on Veganism in Fashion” for retailers and brands to ensure they can provide customers with the level of assurance they expect.

FOUR PAWS initiatives with brands

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A cute Merino lamb looking at the camera

Brands against Mulesing

Around the world, fashion brands are stepping up to help end the cruel mutilation of merino lambs

Fur Free Retailer Logo

Fur Free Retailer 

Did you know that our Australian office is the official representative of the Fur Free Retailer programme? If you’re interested in knowing more - contact us!

Sheep in Australia


Textile brands are moving away from mulesed sheep wool and calling for a more ethical mulesing-free wool industry

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