Together we are making a difference. We are creating a kinder world for animals. We are moving the world to #WearitKind! 

People are taking action, speaking out and choosing to Wear it Kind and it’s never been easier, with more designers than ever now committed to getting it right!  

Here’s what you can do to make animal-friendly fashion, the only kind of fashion! 

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Join thousands of people across the world who are already discovering longer lasting, stylish clothes that are positive for animals, people, and the environment. People who are wearing it kind! Sign today!

Other steps you can take to stop animal suffering

Sign now to ban the sale of fur

in Victoria and New South Wales


Use our Wear it Kind shopping guide

to help you make more compassionate choices


Download the Good on you app!

Choose fashion that is gentle on animals, people, and the planet


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Pledge to Wear It Kind!

Kinder fashion starts with you!

Wear your values. Wear it Kind. 

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