Why Wear it Kind 

In today's multibillion-dollar fashion industry, there are serious concerns with the treatment and welfare of human workers, the environment and the animals who we choose to wear. That is why true ethical fashion considers these three core components – human rights, environmental protection and animal welfare. FOUR PAWS' Wear it Kind campaign is committed to raising awareness about key animal welfare issues in fashion and providing vital information to both fashion stakeholders and customers about how to create a kinder fashion industry which values animals, people and the environment they share.    

Together, people, designers and brands can build the ethical fashion movement, ensure animal protection is a key priority and drive more kindness in fashion!



Over two billion animals end up in fashion and textiles annually, and many of them will suffer in countless ways for the sake of clothing. 

The missing piece.

Over and over, we see horrible exposes showing animals being treated cruelly. Unsurprisingly, research has found generations are becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of animals within fashion. It’s clear that the fashion industry can make change! 



Approximately 75 million people work to make our clothes, and 80% of them are young women. Most of these people are exploited, live in poverty and work in unsafe conditions.

We need more kindness for people.

Human rights abuses remain rife, and basic health and safety measures rarely exist. We need to work together to ensure people and animals are better protected in the production of our clothing.  


150 billion items of clothing are made every year, most of which end up in landfill. Chemicals used on farm to grow our clothes, to those used to launder, and especially, to dye our clothes are causing a devastating environmental impact. 

Our environment is suffering for fashion.

This is compounded by the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the clothing industry, estimated at a whopping 10% of global emissions, and adds further pressure to our delicate ecosystems. 




Widely used across the Australian wool industry, the mutilation practice of mulesing causes intense suffering and pain for millions of lambs annually.

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Over 100 million animals are killed for their fur annually. Most animals are raised on fur farms, trapped in tiny wire cages and forced to endure a shocking life of cruelty, while millions of wild animals are also caught and killed for their fur. 

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Animal skins are prevalent throughout fashion. The suffering these animals face is often appalling and there is zero traceability as to their standard of care. For exotic leather, this trade is blurred with wildlife trafficking.

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The production of down feathers for clothing and bedding is a huge industry. Every year, billions of ducks and millions of geese endure brutal treatment to supply down feathers.

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Animal-friendly fashion starts with you

Together, people, designers and brands can build the ethical fashion movement, ensure animal protection is a key priority!

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