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Animal protection is a critical component of ethical fashion. Fashion owes a huge debt to animals but, unfortunately for our furry, feathered and finned friends, most brands don’t know much about animal welfare in their supply chains. But this is changing, thanks to people like you. A world where all animals are treated with kindness, and animal-friendly fashion is the only kind of fashion.

The Issues

Millions of animals are suffering around the world for fashion every year. Many are caged, mutilated and face a brutal death for our clothing choices. But it doesn't have to be this way!



Widely used across the Australian wool industry, the mutilation practice of mulesing causes intense suffering and pain for millions of lambs annually.
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Over 100 million animals are killed for their fur annually. Most are raised on farms, trapped in tiny wire cages and forced to endure a shocking life of cruelty, while millions of wild animals are also caught and killed for their fur.
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 Animal skins are prevalent throughout fashion. The suffering these animals face is often appalling and there is zero traceability as to their standard of care. For exotic leather, this trade is blurred with wildlife trafficking.
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The production of down feathers for clothing and bedding is a huge industry. Every year, billions of ducks and millions of geese endure brutal treatment to supply down feathers.
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What you can do to make a difference

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- Put an End to Mulesing
- End Fur Sales

Campaign Updates

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Good News for Animals in 2020

It’s been a challenging year for all. But as 2020 comes to a close, let’s celebrate the good moments and progress made towards an animal-friendly fashion future!

Clothes Rail

180+ brands in fashion now oppose mulesing

Momentum of brands moving away from mulesed sheep wool is growing

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Five cool facts about sheep

How much do we really know about sheep and their secret lives?

Fur products

Real or Faux?

Tips to spot the difference

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Kinder fashion starts with you.

Wear your values. Wear it Kind. 

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